W. Goetel's School of Environmental Protection Engineering
AGH-UST Open University
Team of Environmental Biotechnology and Ecology, KGFiT¦, WGGiI¦ AGH

Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 KRAKÓW, Poland
e-mail: tuo@agh.edu.pl

In cooperation with the World Academy of Arts and Science (WAAS)
14th International Conference

Sustainable Development and Eco-Innovation
In relation to the United Nations Earth Summit
Focus on Green Economy

6-8th September 2012 Krakow

1st Announcement


The conference will refer to recent recommendations of the UN, UNESCO and European Union, referring to the promotion of sustainable development on regional and international scale. The team of organizers has experience in the organization (1989 - 2011) of a series of international and national conferences on sustainable development. The conference will refer to the integration of scientists and practitioners representing fields such as: natural sciences, innovative clean technologies, social, economical, political and cultural issues. This 14th International and 6th National Conference will be held in memory of the pioneer of the idea of sustainable management of natural resources Professor Walery Goetel in 40th anniversary of his death.

The forthcoming conference will refer to the co-operation of experts and decision makers - from local self-governments and administration - in the area of sustainable development. We would like to refer to the year 2012, as recommended by the Polish Parliament and the European Union as the Year of Life-Long Learning and Inter-Generation Solidarity.

We would like to follow the good practice of 23 years of the activities of the AGH-UST Open University, starting from the discussion on Bruntland's report "Our Common Future". We would also like to refer to our experience of 45 years of the integration of voluntary activities within the environmentally-oriented Students' Scientific Clubs with the support of well-known experts from different countries for common action with local knowledge-based society, visitors, decision-makers, managers of innovative companies for the promotion of sustainable development.

We intend to make a platform for the exchange of experience in science, training and education and also stimulate discussion on common action for solving crucial problems of sustainable management of natural resources and renewable energy sources. We do hope that the dissemination of environmentally-friendly technologies would contribute to the development of labour market for the university graduates, including staff training for developing countries.

The Conference will make a good opportunity to extend the international co-operation of scientists, specialists from local administration and companies including promotion of innovative biotechnology in different regions. It should also contribute to the development of inter-regional co-operation of self-governments and local administration with universities and business. It will contribute to scientific support of the UN Earth Summit on Sustainable Development and help in generating new projects promoting Green Economy and education focused on common action of experts and knowledge-based society for better quality of life for all.

Main Topics of the Conference (including possible Workshops)
  1. Modernization of problem-solving training of experts and education of knowledge-based society for the promotion of low-energy and low-resources consuming technologies, waste management (including energy production from wastes) for common action of experts and knowledge-based society for sustainable development on local and international scale. System approach to promotion innovative enterprises as contribution to sustainable labour market in different regions of the world.

  2. Methods of interdisciplinary studies on the influence of pollution on cultural monuments, works of art and health of the residents (including the use of modern environmental monitoring)followed by common action focused on primary prevention (dissemination of good practice).

  3. The application of computer techniques (including the Internet), photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS for the promotion of cultural and natural values, education and management of specially protected areas and common action for protection common treasure (e.g. the World Culture Heritage, Reserves of the Biosphere).

  4. Education for the promotion of qualified tourism (in linkage with environmental engineering) as contribution to sustainable development of the regions of high natural and cultural values and regions newly reclaimed for good for health recreation and ecological education.

  5. Perspectives of the integration of environmental biotechnology, biomimetics, environmental engineering for more efficient bioremediation of wastewater and contaminated soil, reclamation of deteriorated areas, biomass/bioenergy production in the areas useless for food production.

  6. Innovative approach to the minimization of negative impact of petrochemical industry and motorization on environment (including more efficient bioremediation and reclamation).

  7. Methods of early detection and prevention of new anthropogenic risk factors for health and ecosystems (electromagnetic fields, infrasound, ultrasound, nanoparticles, etc.) - including synergistic effects.

  8. Integrative and innovative approach to the promotion of sustainable development adapted to climatic change (including higher risk of flood incidents, progress of desertification). Training of students from developed and developing countries for the introduction of useful know-how and innovative enterprises.

  9. Biology-inspired green economy and human right to better quality of life (bioethics and social costs of progress of science and technology) - including cooperation among cities and regions.

  10. Other related issues after the acceptance by the Conference Scientific Committee e.g. innovative environmental biotechnology for sustainable development of rural areas, protection of biodiversity, eco-tourism, etc.

During the Conference a special Workshop is planned to exchange proposals and initial agreements referring to new applications of environmentally-friendly technologies (including new environmental biotechnology) in different countries and new concepts of permanent exchange of good practice and pilot projects. We will include both interdisciplinary co-operation and modernization of staff training for innovative and system solutions of crucial problems for better quality of life and sustainability of bio-based economy, as well as co-operation with practitioners (from eco-innovative enterprises of different regions and countries) as well as co-operation of experts and knowledge-based society in the context of the implementation of good practices in solving similar problems in different countries. International co-operation on European and world's scale will be discussed.


Prof. Jan W., Dobrowolski, Ph.D., D.Sc. , AGH-University of Science and Technology.

Scientific Committee including
Prof. Zbigniew Bochniarz, Ph.D. General Secretary of World Academy of Arts and Science,
Dr. Jean Luc Deplancke, Head, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Understanding, Brussels,
Prof. Renije Dong, Ph.D., China Agriculture University, Beijing,
Prof. Fabio Fava, Ph.D.,University of Bologna & Chair of the Environmental Biotechnology section of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB),
Prof. Gustaw Grob, Ph.D., President of the International Consortium of Clean Energy, Geneva,
Prof. Roger Haw, Ph.D., Director Campus in Malysia of the International Ansted University,
Prof. Morihiro Kurushima, Toyo University, Tokyo,
Prof. Matjaz Mulej Ph.D., Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor,
Prof. Leszek Preisner,Ph.D.,D.Sc., President European Association of Environmental Economists, AGH,
Prof. Jacel Purchla, Ph.D., Director of the International Center of Culture in Krakow,
Prof. Bartolome Ribas Ozonas, Ph.D., General Secretary of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy, Institute of Spain,
Prof. Alan F. Rozich, Ph.D.,P.E.., DEE, Chairman PMC BioTech Biotechnology for Sustainable Future, Exton,
Prof. Anton Stasch,Ph.D.,D.Sc., Chairman of Scientific Council of the European Business Club,
Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz,Ph.D.,D.Sc., President Cracow Branch of the Polish Academy of Science, AGH,
Prof. Kazimierz Wiatr, Ph.D.,D.Sc., Director ACC CYFRONET AGH, Chairman of the Commission of Science and Education of the Upper Chamber of the Polish Parliament, other experts (the final list will be ready soon).

Organizing Committee:
Artur Badyda, Ph.D., Eng. - Warsaw University of Technology,
Małgorzata ¦liwka, Ph.D., Eng. AGH University of Science and Technology - Dep. of Environmental Engineering and Mineral Processing Faculty of Mining and Geo-engineering in Krakow,
Robert Mazur, Ph.D.. - University of Life Sciences in Poznań,
Aleksandra Wagner, Ph.D. - scientific secretary - AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków,
Maria Zielińska, M. Sc., Eng. - technical secretary - AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków,

All the papers will be reviewed and - if accepted - qualified for publication in one of the following journals:
  • The Polish Journal of Environmental Studies - Supplement Issue
  • Geomatics ans Environmental Engineering
  • Monografie Wydziału Inżynierii Mechanicznej i Robotyki AGH
(the papers are published in English. The price of publication in "Polish Journal of Environmental Studies" is 20 EURO + 0% VAT or 80 PLN + 5% VAT per one page of manuscript for foreign and Polish Authors, respectively. The Figures and Tables are considered as one page of manuscript. The payments will be made after the participant receives the information on the acceptation of the publication. Preparing the publication is NOT compulsory.)

Registration data should include:
  • Full name and title
  • Affiliation
  • Postal address
  • E-mail (if different than the one you reply from)
  • The type of the preferred form of presentation: oral report/poster/presentation of the enterprise dealing with eco-innovations/presentation of an administrative unit as example of good practice, successful international cooperation, etc.
The organizers will agree with the Conference participant the form of your presentation (oral, poster or another).

The conference fee (250 euro 1100 PLN) - 20th June 2012 (the date of bank order).

The conference fee is (without a publication) 250 euro The fee includes:
  • Participation in the whole Conference
  • Conference materials (book of abstracts)
  • Lunch (6,7 and 8th September) and Dinner (6th and 7th September + evening cultural programme)
  • Coffee/tea during the breaks
The payment should be made on the following account
AGH UO: Bank Pekao SA no. 96 1240 4722 1111 0000 4858 2922
31-015 Kraków, Pijarska 9, Poland
with notes: "CONFERENCE 495 4010"
If the payment is made by an institution (university, company etc.): put the name and address of the Institution and the name of the Participant.
If the payment is made by the individual Participant: put name and address of the Participant.


The fee does not include the costs of accommodation. In the second announcement the persons interested in the participation in the conference will be provided with the information on the hotels(on reduced prices-also for accompanying persons from 5th to 9th September) in which we made a preliminary reservation. The information about post-conference cultural programme in the World Culture Heritage (historical city Krakow and the Wieliczka Salt Mine and in Malopolska region) will also be sent.

Presentation of enterprises and administrative units (promotion of regions):

The conference can be the opportunity to present your company working in the area of environmental protection or tourism. If you want to make such a presentation, please let us know. The costs and details referring to the presentation will depend on the number of companies willing to present their activities and will be given in a separate announcement to firms. Please inform us if your company would like to make a presentation giving:
  • the name of your company/organization,
  • the form of presentation (report, poster, multimedia presentation, etc.).